Microcredit in El Salvador

T-Minus 24 Hours

Día 0, 8/1/2010

I’ve never been good at packing, although I have a decent amount of practice. I think that your ability to pack effectively and quickly is correlated with your general levels of organization, and I’m a pretty good example.

I’m also a subscriber to the ‘less is more’ packing philosophy, for (almost always) better or for worse. As I get ready for my upcoming four-month Kiva Fellowship in El Salvador, I’m having an especially difficult time. The next few months are going to bring different terrain and activities; at different points I’ll be sitting in on formal business meetings, traveling through hot and dusty plateaus, and hiking through wet and steamy jungles. While I’ll have a home base for the first three months, I’ll be moving around quite a bit, and hope to travel post-fellowship with only a 50L backpack.

So, after a week of subconscious procrastinating and last-minute travel-blog induced shopping sprees for things you absolutely MUST take with you on your trip, I’ve got a living-room floor full of things, two bags, and one afternoon before saying sayonara to the United States.


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