Microcredit in El Salvador

Mi Casa

This is not quite the housing situation that I imagined. There´s one small hotel here in Gotera, but when I arrived the workers here excitedly told me that they found me a spare room in a señora´s house close by.

The señora´s house, in fact, is connected to our office. Berthá, a very nice grandma, rents out the front half of her house to PADECOMSM, and lives behind the office in a pretty nice two-story setup with an outdoor courtyard. My room is pretty big, with a bed and a table, and I can´t complain. It is a little close for comfort to work, though, and without any blinds on my windows everybody gets a great unobstructed view into the room every time they go to use the bathroom.

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Here´s the current reading list. I have a habit of having lots of books and never the time to read them, can´t tell yet if this is going to be different.

Rough Guide CA on a Budget (never again – Lonely Planet is much better, even if outdated)
Cien Años de Soledad – Marquez
Massacre at el Mozote – Danner
La Oportunidad de Negocios en la Base de la Pirámide – Prahalad´s Bottom of the Pyramid book in Spanish
Infidel – Ayaan Ali
Banker to the Poor – Yunnus
Salvador – Joan Didion
The White Man´s Burden – Easterly
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – John Perkin
Bitter Fruit – Schlesinger, story of Guatemala Cold War conflicts


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