Microcredit in El Salvador

La Feria del Perquín

Día 7, 8/8/2010

The first week went by quickly, and was mostly me scrambling to look something up in my Spanish dictionary. Friday was a national holiday in El Salvador, called Santa de El Salvador, and I hopped into the back of a pickup truck headed north into the mountains to a town called Perquín, which hosts a winter festival every year.

Perquín was a stronghold of the guerilla army during the Civil War in El Salvador, and when the war ended the city began throwing a feria every year in an effort to reintroduce itself to the rest of the country. It´s a big street party with music, bands, and food, and people come from all over the country, and for a town that has one hotel and zero banks it´s a pretty big deal.

One of the best parts was Garifuna dancing from the Caribbean coast of Honduras. I was taking close notes.

You can also never escape Mr. Jackson, even in El Salvador.

At the feria, I met up with two other extranjeros (foreigners), one from México and one from Scotland, and had a fun time exploring the city and meeting locals. Perquín also as the country´s most famous war museum, run and operated by former guerrillas, which was a highlight of the weekend.

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El Salvador only has two seasons – verano, dry, and invierno, wet. This is rainy season. It dumped every day, especially hard on Saturday night, and the resulting river was almost enough to wash the gringos away.

Here are the rest of the pictures from the weekend, including a hike through the jungle, corn with mayonaise and cheese, and the war museum.


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