Microcredit in El Salvador

El Fút

Día 12, 8/13/2010

Every day, somebody asks me how well I play soccer. PADECOMSM has its own fútbol team, and Friday was my first game. There´s a great field in town in Gotera, and the league is very organized, with teams from businesses and organizations from cities all around. Our team has adopted the uniforms of AC Milan, an Italian team, and travels to away games every few weeks throughout Marazán.

The game was great – at 4PM on Friday, everybody was suddenly wearing their red and black striped uniforms, and some people from other offices drove almost two hours to make it to the game. We had a full cheering section of ladies and families, complete with super loud horns, like the vuvuzelas used in the World Cup.

Gotera´s fútbol field

Not totally understanding the gem of a soccer player they had in El Gigante (me, the giant), I started in goal, but down 2-1 at halftime I was switched to forward. It was quite the experience to have a big header just miss, and have a bunch of people yelling at you in Spanish, blowing incredibly loud horns, and chanting “Ban-don Donovan” and “Americano quitale” (take the American out of goal haha).

With ten minutes left in the game, we heard the super loud crack of thunder, and it began to rain harder than it´s rained during my time here. Within five minutes, everyone was completely soaked, and the field had become a swimming pool. This was great – everybody piled into a truck, and we drove around singing in the rain and trying not to fall out.

I wish I had some pictures of this, but am glad that my camera didn´t come with me. I couldn´t find my backpack when the game ended, because it had sunk completely underwater in a tremendous puddle.


One response

  1. elena

    jaja!! que chivo.

    August 18, 2010 at 12:29 am

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