Microcredit in El Salvador

La Vista Hermosa

Día 14, 8/15/2010

The late-Friday game and storm cramped my weekend travel plans, so I ended up just hanging out around Gotera for the weekend. I met my first American, who´s teaching English at a school close by, in a supermarket, and she showed me an amazing pizza place on the outside of town, which was a big success. On Sunday morning, I was planning to take a jungle hike, but my guide told me it wasn´t “gringo weather” (it was raining) and we postponed the trip.

I did make it to a Vista Hermosa game, which is Gotera´s local pro soccer team. This was a pretty fun experience – lots of yelling and horns.

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The best part was the trash talking to the other team´s goalie – when he got scored upon, everybody threw anything they had onto the field, and the game had to stop while he picked it all up. In the stands, from what I remember, you could buy nuts, pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, beer, fried yucca and plantains, roasted corn, and cigars.


One response

  1. Please tell me your bought a combination of the cigar, yucca, and plantains. Good stuff big dawg.

    August 18, 2010 at 7:20 am

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