Microcredit in El Salvador

PROESA and Mozote

Día 35, 9/5/2010

On Sunday, I woke up at 4:30AM to spend the day working with Erick for PROESA, a Salvadoran development fund. PROESA sponsors Salvadorans living in remote and hard to reach areas with training, supplies, and transportation, helping them start and run agricultural and tourism-based businesses.

We spent the morning with a woman and her two daughters, bringing them to a local fería and helping them sell home made candies and snacks. I never realized how much work it is for the many vendors who sell products at street fairs, from getting their stuff to the fair to spending the entire day selling what they have.

Building damaged from the war with guerilla inscriptions

To pick the family up in the morning, we drove almost an hour over a terrible dirt road to the town of Mozote. As we drove back, they casually mentioned that Mozote was a three hour walk from their house, and would we mind taking them a little bit farther? Another hour and a half later, the road became impassable, and we dropped them off to walk the final thirty minutes home. It´s incredible how isolated some of the people I´ve met here are, and how matter-of-factly they accept a three hour walk in the morning and in the evening to sell their goods.


On our way out, we spent a little bit more time in Mozote, a tow famous for being the site of a terrible massacre during the war. I talked about it a little bit here a while ago.


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