Microcredit in El Salvador

Girl Effect

Día 53, 9/23/2010

I am back from Nicaragua and saw and did too many things to ever write about (maybe someday). The first half of this NYTimes article describes 75% of the trip. It´s amazing how different countries in Central America are despite being so close together, relative to distances in the United States. We took a lot of boats, met a lot of people, did the hardest volcano climb I will ever do for the rest of my life, swam in a crater, mastered the “chill on the curb for a long long time people watching” activity so common down here, surfed 8 ft waves in a strong gnarly rip, stayed up until the sun rose more than twice, fried a lot of fish, and made american-style guacamole. We also saw a lot of thought-provoking things, and heard a lot of inspiring stories.

Nike produced what I thought was a very good and eventually very popular video called The Girl Effect a few years ago. I have had a couple experiences recently that really pounded this idea home. They released a new one last week – I think both are powerful and pertinent.

The Girl Effect

Older Version


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