Microcredit in El Salvador

How Extreme Was Your Lunch

Día 60, 10/1/2010

Always exciting to not understand the words for what you´re eating, and then after lunch go out to the farm to meet the meal.

Armadillo - Cuzuko

Iguana-ish - Gorrobo

Cheese and Jalapeños - Queso Fresco con Pimienta

¿Wait what is this? Don´t worry, just eat it - Armadillo

A little more dillo

The best part of this next picture is that there was this sketchy barrel nearby, that the chef kept looking in. One time she grabbed something out of it, and then we could only see her upper half with a giant knife, banging it down like a horror movie. The joke of lunch was that whoever forgot the words first to the loud ranchera music had to jump in the barrel afterwards.


Gorrobo lair - wow

Fine Dining Establishment


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